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Add a Little Stardust to the First Dance

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Take a minute to imagine this scene. You’re at the wedding of two of your closest friends.

The day has been wonderful and everyone is in great form. The weather was a bit grim, but it is Ireland after all. At the ceremony everyone sat quietly watching your friends devote themselves to the other at the altar while gentle music floated overhead.

Later, the speeches drew a few laughs and a few tears and the food left everyone warm, cheerful and content. But now it’s time for the first dance.

The lights dim and chatter drops to a whisper as the guests wait for the happy couple.

The pair walk hand-in-hand from the head table until they reach the middle of the dancefloor. It’s time for their first dance as man and wife. Everything is dark, quiet and they wait for the music to begin.

Their treasured song starts gently and the couple smile and whisper. All eyes are on the new husband and wife.

Suddenly, out of the darkness, stars begin twinkling beneath their feet. A cluster spreads across the dancefloor gradually. Eventually the entire floor, which you hadn’t even looked at until now, flickers and glows like the sky from a fairytale. The couple seem to float across the glimmer. Your breath is taken.

It’s amazing what a difference a starlit dancefloor can make to the atmosphere and mood of a room. They bring a little magic to any venue. The only problem is you’ll want one for the house.

To find out about starlight dance floors adding a special touch to your venue contact Entertainment Solutions today.

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