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When you plan a party or event, it is important to keep in mind how you will entertain your guests and ensure they have the best time. The right kind of music is of course essential, and when you have fantastic tunes combined with our dance floor hire in Dublin, you can look forward to a brilliant day or evening of dancing.

Having a beautiful dance floor will help get people on their feet and also adds a little extra visual excitement to your venue, particularly when you choose our amazing LED lit dance floors. Who wouldn’t want to dance on a floor that looks like a starry sky? It makes the whole setting seem like a scene from a romantic movie and will leave guests dazzled and impressed.

In many venues there is no differentiation between the space for dancing, seating and other areas. When you choose our dance floor hire in Dublin, you have an easily identifiable area for guests to dance in. The dance floor will also complement your other venue decorations beautifully, and will look particularly incredible when combined with a smoke machine.

You can enjoy our dance floor hire regardless of the type of venue you are hosting your celebration in, whether it is a formal hall or a marquee. The surface of the dance floor is made from individual panels so you can choose the right dimensions for your needs. Installation is very easy and they can be laid over any type of ground. Once positioned the floor should be solid and sturdy.

We have been providing affordable dance floor hire in Dublin for several years and have provided for everything from weddings to birthday parties. Whatever your needs are, we can provide for them. Our dance floor can range in sizes up to 20ft x 20ft, providing enough space for over 100 guests. We take safety very seriously and ensure every floor is fitted properly when we deliver it.

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