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Retro gaming is an area we have a lot of experience in.
We have the best commercial grade arcade games available for purchase, short term hire and long term hire.

Full customisation is available on our retro arcade units.
Change the games, button/joystick colours and the exterior artwork/design.

We have 12x retro gaming cabinets available for hire, each cabinet has 1300 classic retro games installed.
Browse games by category or by title A-Z. We can also program a custom list of games if required.

All our cabinets are in immaculate condition, the oldest rental cabinet being made in 2018.
Retro gaming is really popular for events. They’re also fantastic for games rooms and office breakout areas.

If you run a bar or operate a venue, it’s a brilliant additional revenue option.
We can configure the machines to operate on wireless payment systems and/or custom tokens with your logo/design.

Hire options available
– Super Mario (2x)
– Donkey Kong
– Space Invaders
– Pac-Man
– Street Fighter
– Sonic The Hedgehog
– NBA Jam
– Track & Field
– Double Dragon
– Mortal Kombat
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another really cool retro arcade game we have available for hire is our Dance Dance Revolution.
This is the classic arcade dance machine from the 90’s that everyone knows! We have 2x dance machines available.

Just in for 2019, Guitar Hero Arcade!
This 2 player game is a guaranteed hit for any party. We have 2x Guitar hero games available.

If there is an arcade game you want to hire or purchase that we don’t have listed – we know where to get it, so get in touch!


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